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Stimulant Detox Center

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a person smiles with hope in a stimulant detox centerDrugs like cocaine and methamphetamine produce intense, euphoric highs in people who use them, which is the primary reason they’re so addictive. Such stimulant drugs can cause long-term problems in both the brain and the body. Early intervention is vital to helping people quit taking uppers when they become addicted. A stimulant detox center can provide the tools and support to break the cycle of addiction.

BRC Healthcare has two medical detox centers: Makana Path and BRC Recovery Center. Each center offers our clients a safe, supportive place and proven methods for quitting stimulants. FDA-approved medications, evidence-based therapies, and other effective healing opportunities guide each person as they learn to live without drugs. Find out how our addiction treatment programs can help you or a loved one get on track to a better future by calling today.

What Are Stimulants?

Stimulants increase activity in the central nervous system. There are various forms of stimulants, including illicit and prescription drugs. These drugs are designed to provide sharpness to the mind and typically wear off quickly. Certain stimulants have short-acting and long-acting effects on the body, which can alter the length of the high and how long they remain in the system.

Stimulant addiction develops after misusing these substances to chase the euphoric rush they produce. Some of the most common stimulants include:


Cocaine is derived from the coca plant and typically comes in off-white powder form. The drug is a fairly common stimulant with a wide range of side effects. Long-term abuse has been linked to heart failure and other complications.


Methamphetamines are synthetic stimulants that are known for their fast-acting response times and permanent brain damage. Meth use can prolong long-term health effects such as damaged teeth, itching, poor cognition, and increased body temperature.

Prescription Stimulants

Ritalin and Adderall are two stimulant drugs used to treat chronic mental health conditions such as ADHD and narcolepsy. These amphetamine-based “study drugs” target the nervous system to enhance focus.

These prescription stimulant drugs harbor long-term effects such as depression, manic states, anxiety, and insomnia.

Managing Recovery with Medical Detox

If a person has been dependent on a stimulant for a long period, it’s recommended that they undergo medical detox to safely recover in the long-run. Tapering off a stimulant is commonly practiced to help the person’s body adjust to the lower levels during stimulant addiction treatment.

Stimulant withdrawal usually occurs within the first two weeks after someone stops taking drugs. Certain psychological symptoms may persist after this period, so it’s important to be open to receiving help while they last.

At BRC Healthcare, we prioritize comfort and recovery for our clients in stimulant detox. We develop personalized treatment plans that include FDA-approved medications, evidence-based therapies, and other programs rooted it the 12-steps. Even people who have chronically relapsed before have found lasting success in our programs.

Our Texas Stimulant Detox Centers 

At our two Austin-area medical detox centers, we provide individualized attention and targeted support to make sure each client’s recovery journey gets off on the right foot. Our clinics offer a compassionate atmosphere that can help individuals gain perspective and begin looking optimistically toward their futures.

  • Makana Path – At our Elgin, TX intensive residential treatment and stimulant detox center, we offer a haven to those ready to embark on the recovery journey. We provide evidence-backed treatments, nourishing meals as well as access to an empathetic team of counselors and staff members. Our goal is that every client feels nurtured and supported during their time with us in order for them to achieve positive outcomes.
  • BRC Recovery Center – When enrolling in our stimulant detox center in Manor, TX, we offer much more than stimulant detox. We pledge to work collaboratively with each person for lifelong recovery and craft treatment plans tailored specifically to them. Our gender-specific residences provide one-on-one support that empowers individuals on their path of transformation.

BRC Healthcare’s stimulant detox centers allow people to begin their healing process and transform their lives

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We understand that quitting stimulants can be a difficult journey. That’s why our medical detox centers are dedicated to providing clients with the tools and support they need for lasting recovery from addiction. Our compassionate team of counselors and staff members will work collaboratively with each person on their path toward transformation. If you or a loved one is ready to start healing today, contact us at to learn more about how our stimulant detox center can help.