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Drug and Alcohol Interventions

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a person supports another in a drug and alcohol interventionThe thought of drug and alcohol interventions can be daunting. But it doesn’t have to be. With the right team of experienced professionals in place, interventions can be a successful way to help a loved one get into treatment and begin the process of recovery from substance use disorder.

BRC Healthcare provides addiction interventions near Austin, TX. We specialize in supporting families struggling with an addicted family member or a loved one facing addiction. Our experienced staff is trained to use a specific and effective intervention model that can help families find the resources they need to support their loved one’s recovery journey. We believe in taking a compassionate, non-judgmental approach to interventions and helping family members understand what their loved one is going through, as well as the importance of seeking professional help. Contact us today at to learn more about drug and alcohol interventions and our addiction treatment programs.

What Is a Drug and Alcohol Intervention?

An intervention is a structured meeting process in which family, friends, and other concerned individuals confront an addicted person about their substance use disorder and urge them to seek professional help. During an intervention, each individual present will share their feelings, stories, and observations about the person’s addiction in a caring and compassionate manner, with the ultimate goal of getting the individual to enter into a treatment program.

  • Elements of a typical drug and alcohol intervention include:
  • Creating a safe and positive space to have an honest conversation about the problem of addiction
  • Explaining how substance use has affected the lives of the people present at the intervention
  • Encouraging action by providing information about treatment options and other resources available to help with recovery
  • Highlighting the support available from people at the intervention
  • Making a clear commitment to helping with recovery efforts, including providing transportation and financial assistance to treatment centers

At BRC Healthcare, we believe in the power of interventions to help individuals enter into and stay committed to a treatment program.

When Is an Intervention Needed?

Some people will continue misusing their drug of choice, despite severe and even life-threatening consequences. That is why interventions can be so beneficial. They provide an opportunity for family, friends, and other loved ones to join forces and encourage the individual to take the necessary steps to recover from their substance use disorder.

An intervention is likely needed when:

  • The individual has already faced negative consequences as a result of their substance use, such as health problems or legal issues
  • The individual is in denial about their substance use disorder
  • The individual is not willing to seek treatment on their own
  • Family members and other loved ones feel helpless or frustrated in trying to help the individual

It is important to note that interventions should only be attempted when there are members of a supportive network present who can provide ongoing support for the individual throughout their recovery journey.

An Effective Intervention Plan

At BRC Healthcare, we approach interventions with a tailored and compassionate approach. We understand that each individual’s addiction is unique, and the right approach for one person may not be the same for another. That is why we take the time to get to know our clients and their families to create an intervention plan tailored to their specific needs.

It is fundamental to remember that even though addiction is a long road, there are resources out there to help. The best results will occur when the loved one is approached in a loving, open manner where they feel led to share their feelings. It is ideal to avoid speech that will have the individual grow further from the problem or the thought of an intervention in the first place.

Find Intervention Help at BRC Healthcare Today

BRC Healthcare is readily available to provide treatment for treatment-resistant patients and those who have chronic relapses. We are equipped with multiple treatment programs, holistic healing, and high levels of structure. By combining individualized care, possibilities are opened up for a long-lasting recovery. Contact us today at to learn how our programs can help.