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Makana Path

Addiction Treatment for a Brighter Future

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Client sits and talks to doctor at Makana Path, a detox center in Elgin, TXThe first step on the road to recovery is committing to leaving behind addictive behaviors. Trying to quit drinking or using drugs alone is a challenge that not many people are able to handle. While they may be well-intentioned, serious withdrawal symptoms and distracting home environments make it easy to relapse. Makana Path is a trauma-informed intensive residential healing and medical detox center in Elgin, TX where people can find hope and healing at the beginning of their recovery journey.

Our clinical programming and specialized therapy techniques are tailored to each person who walks through our doors. The path to lifelong recovery is personal, but our team is committed to helping more people find their way. If you or a loved one is struggling to stop using drugs or alcohol, take a virtual tour or start the admissions process today by calling .

Learn to Appreciate Life’s Gift

“Makana” means “gift” in Hawaiian, and we believe life is a gift that should be cherished. Addiction can stand in the way of truly appreciating all of the things life truly has to offer. Our detox, residential, and intensive addiction treatment programs focus on healing the root causes of addiction.

Substance misuse is often the result of unresolved trauma and mental distress. Anxiety, depression, and other mental health conditions make it hard to appreciate the joy in life, causing many to turn to drugs or alcohol to numb their emotions and try to find some pleasure. Using evidence-based dual diagnosis therapies, we are dedicated to whole-person healing.

A Comprehensive Detox Center in Elgin, TX

At our detox and residential treatment center in Elgin, TX, we focus on uncovering the root cause of addiction and promoting a lifetime of recovery. Through detox and intensive residential treatment, our clients receive the care they need to make meaningful improvements in their health and personal and professional relationships.

Detox Program

When someone struggling with addiction stops drinking or taking drugs, they will likely experience withdrawal symptoms. The longer or more frequently someone has been abusing substances, the worse their withdrawal symptoms are likely to be. These symptoms often cause relapse because they are uncomfortable and sometimes dangerous.

Our detox program includes comprehensive treatment planning with:

  • A substantial medical, psychiatric, and psychosocial evaluation
  • 24/7 clinical care
  • FDA-approved medications
  • Dedicated case management

Many of our clients remain in detox treatment for about three to five days, depending on how intense their substance use was. After detox, they often move seamlessly into our intensive healing program.

Intensive Healing Program

After detox, residential treatment is an excellent way for people to build confidence in their ability to abstain from drugs or alcohol. The short time after detox can often leave people feeling lost since they have given up a significant part of their life. Our intensive healing program helps our clients discover the gift that life truly is so they can enjoy it without drugs or alcohol.

Intensive residential treatment at Makana Path includes:

  • Evidence-based therapy planning
  • Trauma-informed treatment to address the root cause of addiction
  • 12-step recovery immersion
  • Co-occurring mental health treatment

We offer personalized intensive healing tracks so we can provide clients with true opportunities to heal. After completing one of our residential treatment options, we help prepare them for life outside of treatment with aftercare resources and sober living opportunities.

Get Started at Makana Path Today

We are dedicated to providing comprehensive treatment at Makana Path so people struggling with addiction recover life. Many of our clients have chronically relapsed in the past or have been historically treatment-resistant. Our trauma-informed detox and residential treatment center in Elgin, TX is a place where true change can occur. Learn more about how Makana Path can help you or a loved one by calling or contacting us online today.